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Craft of Consulting Podcast

Jun 25, 2019

Meggan Schilkie goes deep into what consultants need to do to master pitch meetings with prospective clients. She talks about essential steps to take before, during, and after meetings to get more prospective clients to say yes.

Jun 18, 2019

Kenya Rutland talks about essential skills for facilitation and change management and how he works with people with opposing views and contrasting perspectives find common ground.

Jun 11, 2019

Greg Gast talks about his journey as a consultant, from an independent consultant to building a firm to negotiating joint ventures to selling his firm and being an advisor to getting hired by a client. He also reveals why and how he made those choices as well as ways to evolve, scale, and systematize a consulting practice.

Jun 4, 2019

Michael Field shares his insights and advice for new consultants, including what they need to do to break through the critical first 8-12 months as a consultant and then grow their businesses beyond their original network.